Friday, 18 January 2019

Sorting a dictionary in javascript

Once time, a user of stackoverflow is asking how to sort a dictionary in javascript. Here I would like to share a simple implementation which will return an array whose each item is an item in the input dictionary and sorted according to sort function. And test code also included.

var sortDict = function (dict, compare) {
  let keys = Object.keys(dict)
  let sortedKeys = keys.sort(compare)
  result = []
  for (let i in sortedKeys) {
    let aKey = sortedKeys[i]
    let anItem = {}
    anItem[aKey] = dict[aKey]
  return result
var a = {"zabc": 8, "abc": 6, "jabc": 3, 'baaa': '5'}
console.log(JSON.stringify(sortDict(a, function (k1, k2) {
  // return a[k1] > a[k2]
  return k1 > k2

You will see the sorted result printed.

To have different sorting criteria, just have your own compare function implementation. Thank you!

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