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今天和那个培训的经理也谈过了,我主动的,一白人中年男。就在公司的大庭广众之下。他说那个培训资料是总部寄过来的,不是他准备的。我心里说,你在美国好歹也不能算屌丝了,这点敏感度没有,讲台上还那么起劲宣讲那张幻灯片。不过关系很重要,再说他现在的态度也认为那个东西有问题,还算端正。我也就谢谢他listening to me。


From: **** (HR)
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 1:31 PM
To: yetaai
Subject: RE: My feeling of discrimated during Security training at June 28th session

Hello ****,

Thank you for your email below.

As we discussed today and as stated in our HR policy, all reports of discrimination are taken seriously. **** will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation and will take appropriate action.

I appreciate you taking the time to come forward with your complaint. **** is committed to maintaining a positive, constructive working environment for all of its employees.

Please let me know if you have further concerns.

Thank you,
Sr. Associate, HR and Administration
T: ******
F: ******

From: yetaai
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 1:01 PM
To: ****
Subject: My feeling of discrimated during Security training at June 28th session

Hi ****,

I had been here for one month and is very comfortable. Thanks your helping me adapt to a new environment here.

Unfortunately I want to report  you a case that I feel discriminated. On June 28th afternoon, Mr **** (IT security manager) delivered a training session of corporate IT security policy. In the PowerPoint slides he presented as training material, Chinese national flag was used as a symbol of hacker implying Chinese people is likely to be a hacker stealing information property. I want to comment it as below,

1): Even from legal point of view, there are a lot of unchartered area regarding information management in public and business area. I respect company’s policy but such behaviors shall not be judged out of business scope. It is not appropriate to use ironic style describing such people as theft and call them hacker in a discriminating tone.

2): It is absolutely discrimination using Chinese relevant symbol representing “hacker” in this serious business occasion. Because it is implying Chinese people is stealing or likely to steal information property without any evidence. Even the sharing information of Chinese is likely be classified as “hacking behavior” if we follow the underlying logic of those slides and Mr ***'s presentation.

My report in this email is slightly different from our conversation before lunch. I reported that Mr *** is not relevant of this material during our conversation. But I called my memory and now think that Mr ***'s representation agrees the contents of slides that lead to discrimination.

I wish those training materials could be corrected appropriately and presented in a right way. I highly appreciate your efforts listening to my feeling and declaring the policy of non-retaliation on this kind reporting behavior.

Thanks and have a great day!


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