Sunday, 24 January 2010

A small claim lawsuit against Google censoring the name of Chinese Lawyer

I filed it on Jan 7th 2010 and published a message in Chinese. This message is for English people.

I am claiming 5.07 dollars for Advertising fees charged by Google. Google said it is the result of 507 clicks of my adwords "Xu Zhi Yong", the name of a Chinese lawyer. But all search results and my advertisement link were hidden during my ad-campaign. And was automatically redirected to in P.R.C. I cannot know both facts through Google's contract with me. It is worse how my links got 507 clicks now that they were hidden?

I was in US during my ad-campaign period. I want to see US justice on Google's behaviour. That's it.

Case No. :30-2010-00334157-SC-SC-NJC

Any person can go to web site of the High Court of Orange County in California to track the progress of it.

The first hearing date: 03/15/2010. Venue: N18 North Justice Center, 1275 North Berkeley Avenue Fullerton, CA 92832-1258

And I noticed that headquater of Google realised the censoring behaviours in China is damaging it business recently too. It then had an announcement to negotiate with Chinese Government on un-censored search results. Hilary Clinton then gave her speech on Internet Freedom in a noisy background of praising, criticising, and laughing. Google management team may feel some light pressures. But before Google returns to business, I hope this case could be a small dish of hot pepper. From my point of view, it is clear that Google's Adwords business is not flawless if they do not change their contract template or remove their censoring behaviours in China.

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