Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Free intellectual services agreement in my imagination

Service License for search, e-mail and other Internet services in my imagination

Free intellectual services agreement

The service is provided by the runing probram managed by ***. Service to your own information, Information on the Internet, or to the information accesible, including static or dynamic, in accordance with certain rules to be processed and made available to you or your designated target audience. As the service provider and the user, we share below rights and responsibilities,

The service collect various types of information that we think you are willing to provide. The service provides you the method by which you can exclude/include your information from/into our sources of information. If at any time you do not want your information collected by this service, and you cannot remove it from the sources of information, please contact ***.

As the rules of filtering, merging, sorting to collected information, *** will keep it open and transparent. If you think one of them or all is/are not fair, you can vote online and make comments through our services site. *** reserves the right to decide whether to change.

For your account and related content in services that may exists, such as e-mail, *** is possible to provided them to government per their legal request. We will notify you as soon as we can if permitted by law. You can also ask us to publish the process detail later.

As the output of the services, it will be provided "as is". *** does not ensure any accuracy, correctness, completeness on it. For the possibility of omissions, errors, please contact ***. We will correct it as soon as possible or tell you why we cannot do so.

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