Sunday, 12 August 2007

An appeal to a 2nd similar lawsuit by public

The first lawsuit in China against Internet Censorship was reported here.

A lawsuit by public can be much more powerful than my self. I am finding more people who is willing to raise a new lawsuit in similar methods with me together. The candidates can be both foreign people/entieis living in China and local Chinese individual/entities. There are several technical points to be prepared as below,

  1. According to Chinese law, explained by Li Li lawyer, a suit similar with mine is very difficult in the scope of Whole China against China telecom directly. Instead, we may have to raise lawsuit province by province. Becaues the Telecom company in each province of China is independent legal entity in most cases. We can see how many volunteers and where we are living in to have a further plan on where and how to raise 2nd lawsuits. Professional suggestionson this point are welcome.
  2. The volunteer must be a broadband service customer of a Telecom company in China.
  3. After we have enough people to sue, we will have a collective notary in one time by all people. It will be acknowledged by us together and used as the evidence.

We can also consider,

  • Bring a public letter to Chinese public and Government with suggestion on Constitution and laws on Internet.
  • Bring a public letter to big companies to comply with higher level of corporate ethics. They should learn from the company like wikia. They want to make money in Chinese market. Then they have responsibility to build a good community with local players together. Now there good players and evil players. It's there choice to stand on which side.
  • Create a website focusing on China Internet Censorship. The blogs and comments on this lawsuit can be collected. The public can raise their comments as well.

Please send email to yetaai at gmail dot comg minus g if you are interested to be a one of the public lawsuit I am appealing. Please indicate the province you are living in, the Broadband service your are using and its provider in your email. It's better to send your phone number as well. We will contact you one by one through email/phone to verify your information.


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